Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health by Mark Bunn

Ancient wisdom for modern health

Full title: “Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health”

Author: Mark Bunn

Print length: 276 pages

Year: 2011
Reading Mark Bunn’s book Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health is surely a remedy in itself. With all the love and laughter sparkling between the book’s covers, one is bound to feel better immediately.

Mark Bunn tackles the question of how an ordinary human being could live a healthy, happy life.

His method is simple. Firstly, he zooms in on the world’s healthiest and longest-living people to highlight what distinguishes them from their less fortunate counterparts.

Secondly, he draws on the rich heritage of ancient wisdom from all corners of the globe, from the insights of Native American Elders to the knowledge of Indian yogic masters.

On the basis of these timeless truths and observations, Bunn presents his discoveries as seven concise and easy-to-remember nuggets of wisdom.

Happy thoughts = happy body

Positive emotions are the essential foundation of good health! Read: If your life is abundant with close social ties, you can occasionally binge on potato chips and do just fine.  : )

Follow nature’s clock

Regarding optimal timing for everything, the author covers it all.

Mark Bunn specializes in natural-health coaching and Ayurveda medicine training” for adults.

You are what you eat

Bunn confirms, and helps the reader understand, why good “fuel” for the human body is always natural and fresh.

Don’t “work out.” Enjoy moving your body

Bunn hammers home the point that physical exercise you hate will give you just a fraction of potential benefits. He challenges the “no pain, no gain” attitude and offers a wise and proven perspective on gaining optimal physical and mental strength through bodily activity.

Exposure to the elements is essential for good health

Bunn explains why plenty of contact with the sun, earth, water and fresh air truly matters.

Connect with your inner silence

He suggests making meditation practice your daily routine. This will allow the rich silence within to “relax and rejuvenate” both body and mind.

Listen to your inner wisdom

Bunn recommends staying in tune with your body-mind system in order to hear what it really needs in each changing moment.

Bunn dedicates a chapter to each of these seven points of wisdom, explaining them in more detail, providing ideas about how to put them into practice, and sharing captivating, inspirational stories spun around these crucial principles.

The advice in this book is a call to reconsider these values and decisions and to review our everyday routine in the light of loving kindness towards ourselves and to others.

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