Bed and Board Kit by Green Harvest

Who’s sleeping in my bed?

All the good bugs!

I love this handy pack because it includes:

  • a packet of good bug mix –  flowering seeds to attract the good bugs
  • one predalure sachet –  an attractant for the good bugs that you hang in a tree
  • the insect hotel– for the good bugs to make their home
  • The book – Natural Control of Garden Pests  by Jackie French – a comprehensive book to help you manage your garden pests

In an organic garden this Bed and board Pest Control Kit from Green Harvest is like a bouquet of flowers. On rose in a vase is attractive, a rose with carnations looks terrific, a rose with carnations and Queen Anne’s Lace is amazing, yet roses, carnations Queens Anne’s Lace and sprigs of rose geranium is stunning. Its looks great, smells fabulous working on many levels.

One without the other will not give  you the full rounded effect in your garden as when you use all four items in harmony together.

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