Good Bug Mix by Green Harvest

How to bring beneficial insects into your garden

I love this product is because once planted and flowering,  it attracts the good bugs and you have a colorful  meadow in your backyard.

Awesom white alyssum
Awesome white alyssum

The seed selection attracts:

  • lady-beetle and their larvae
  •  hover fly
  • lacewing and eggs
  • tiny wasps

The flowering seeds include:

Colorful calendula
Colorful  yellow calendula
Colorful orange calendula
Colorful orange calendula
  • red clover
  • lucerne
  • sweet alice
  • dill
  • caraway
  • coriander
  • cosmos buckwheat
  • baby’s breath
  • marigold
  • phacelia
  • Queen Anne’s Lace

Five easy steps to have your meadow growing:

  1. prepare the area and water well
  2. broad cast the seeds
  3. cover lightly with seed mix
  4. pat down
  5. water with gentle pressure every day till established
Magnificent marigolds
Magnificent marigolds

Benefits to you having this meadow in your garden:

  • the beneficial bugs help control aphids, scale, red spider mite, caterpillars and other pests
  • no need to use poisons
  • attractive flowers for the season

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