Green Harvest Gardening Supplies Website Review

If you have an organic gardening query or would like more information on specific organic gardening issues this is a good place to start:

Sections that are worth a look include:

  1. Organic seeds
  2. Organic pest control
  3. Edible plants
  4. Tools, propagation and fertilizers
  5. Sprouting and microgreens
  6.  Poultry supplies

Some of the notes I found helpful were:

  • attracting insect eating birds to your garden
  • growing delicious tomatoes
  • garden design
  • plant selection

Tips on the following were useful:

  1. watering
  2. crop rotation
  3. soil health

Membership to this great organic resource is free. Request a copy of their guide, Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide. They say the best things in life are free. So true, a great website and their guide.

Other pages of interest:

Low budget Organic gardening Ebook – How to start your organic garden

Low Budget Organic Gardening Ebook – Understanding companion planting

A  Green Harvest Golden Rule:

“stay out of the garden when it is wet”