Fruit Saver Nets to be one step ahead of the Fruit Fly

Early action keeps you one step ahead of the trouble making fruit fly. Erect your Fruit Saver Nets from Green Harvest early in the season to reduce infestation.

Other ways to minimize Fruit Fly damage include:

  • Create biodiversity to encourage suitable predators (ants, ground beetles,spiders, dragon flies, robber flies and swallows)
  • Destroy damaged fruit to break the cycle of infestation.
  • Include poultry as part of your management plan
  • Fruit tree selection can reduce high maintenance of fruit fly
  • There are various baits and traps to prevent the female fruit flies from laying eggs.
  • Install exclusion products (bags, nets and sleeves) early in the season

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“The best – in fact the only- really effective fruit fly control is prevention. After the bastards start breeding, the problem grows a million-fold.”

Natural Control of Garden Pests by Jackie French