How to make your own seed pots with the Green Harvest Pot Maker

Recycle newspaper and make your own bio-degradable pots. Say “No” to plastic. 

I love the Green Harvest Pot Maker because :

  • it is economical
  • it recycles newspaper
  • it is so easy to use
  • seedlings do not have their roots disturbed when planting into the garden
  • use of plastic containers is reduced
  • another two great gift items – a pot maker and  seedlings to plant
  • no need for sticky tape, pins, staples  or clips

“Wouldn’t mind a pot maker in three sizes!”

Press firmly to close the bottom of the pot
Press firmly to close the bottom of the pot

Five easy steps to making your own seedling pots:

  1. cut newspaper to size
  2. roll firmly onto wooden tool
  3. fold in the bottom on four sides
  4. press wooden tool onto wooden base very firmly
  5. gently slide your paper pot off the wooden tool

You are ready to plant your seeds

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