How to use Turmeric Paste

I love this Organic Turmeric paste made from fresh turmeric rhizomes. So easy to use and so versatile.


  • fresh turmeric rhizomes
  • purified water

Helpful suggestions:

  1. Place contents in a glass jar after opening and refrigerate
  2. Consume within four weeks

    Turmeric the must have daily ingredient in our diet
    Turmeric the must have daily ingredient in our diet

Cooking suggestions:

  • cooking rice using Sanits’s Organic Turmeric Paste
  • create your own versatile marinade – Mix one tablespoon paste, enough olive oil to make a baste and freshly ground black pepper. Use on chicken, fish, lamb or vegetables then bake, roast or grill
  • add one teaspoon to scrambles eggs
  • blend one tablespoon to curries and stews
  • add to your favorite smoothies
  • Turmeric Salmon with cucumber yogurt and carrot salad
  • Turmeric tomato detox salad

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For more information on this useful product, this wonderful Turmeric Paste is available from the Sanita Wellbeing online store

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 Did you know that Turmeric can be used as a dandruff remedy?