Your Food Forever in Your Front Yard

 Host you own organic gardening workshop

 One-day workshops (9am – 4pm).  Held on demand for  15 -20 persons. You can make up your own group by hosting a workshop in your garden. You receive a FREE organic gardening consultation from me, The Roving Organic Garden Consultant, before the workshop so at the workshop we actively implement some changes moving forward. 

” the most beneficial part of the day for me was the delicious food” – comment from a previous workshop

Margie Hare - Still gardening organically 50 years on

Margie Hare – Still gardening organically 50 years on

What is the Roving Organic Garden Consultant?

After the consultation we run a full day workshop in your garden.

This informative and educational hands on refreshing workshop starts  with a short qigong class to open your energy pathways for the creative day  ahead.

All gardeners need to be flexible, strong and fit.

You will learn about :

  • how to super charge your seeds  using sacred geometry and no GMO methods.
  • creating energy fields in your garden to promote improved production and healthier plants
  • easy tips and tools for lazy gardeners like me!
  • herbs in season and how they help your garden grow
  • building healthy soil

    Turn compost into gold
    Turn compost into gold
  • better water management
  • sustainability
  • planting for bio diversity
  • making “teas” from the plants in your garden as remedies for common pests and diseases
  • companion planting for a happy garden
  • applying worm tea and castings to nourish your soil
  •  compost gold for your garden
  • organic gardening techniques to improve your home grown produce
  • growing food in compact spaces for self use
  • planting a “meadow “to attract the good bugs

Possible projects :

  • building a no dig raised bed garden on a bare patch
  • set up worm farm
  • construct a compost heap
  • plant a vegetable garden


“The highlight of my day was planting seeds and picking vegetables on the farm”


 comment from a previous workshop

You and your guests  will enjoy:

  1.  receiving  a copy of the NatureHealth Low Budget Organic Gardening Ebook – Getting Started
  2. meeting Margie who will share garden-to-table tips and short cooking demonstration using freshly harvested produce
  3. spending time with folk who are on the same page as you
  4. taking home your days plantings
  5. tips on how to take charge of your health naturally
  6. browsing the “swop” table for free slips and plants
  7. enjoy a take home goody bag
  8. having your garden make over by having tasks completed on your organic gardening journey.

“So many tips and practical information including taking cuttings”  – comment from a previous workshop

Strictly limited numbers per workshop.

Transform home grown herbs into gifts

Transform home grown herbs into gifts

“Thank you for an excellent day,  great fun and delicious food “

comment from a previous workshop.

If you would like the Roving Organic Garden Consultant to complete a FREE consultation in your garden, contact Margie directly by email: 

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