Foot Scrub with Aloe Vera Gel

Do you look after your feet?

This includes a  pampering of:

  • weekly scrub
  • daily massage
  • regular soak in a foot bath

It is never too late to love your feet. Your feet reflect the entire body. By working on your feet your activate all parts of the body. Having a regular reflexology treatment by a qualified reflexologist will help improve your all over health and keep your body in balance.

All you need to get started:

1 Tbls rock salt

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

1 desert spoon unscented base cream(optional)

1 big one or a few thin fresh Aloe Vera leaves cut into blocks and peeled(leaving only the pocket of gel put it through the liquidizer with some oil  )

1/4 cup organic coffee grounds

1/4 cup raw organic sugar / epsom salts

15 – 20 drops of pure essential oil ( peppermint, lemon grass, tea tree or lemon)


Combine all the ingredients, mix well  and store in a tightly sealed glass jar. If too dry add more oil or cream. If too runny add mustard powder or Epsom salts.

All you need to do is spend five minutes massaging your feet in the bath , after the bath or as you soak your feet in a foot spa.

When your have finished the water soaking and scrubbing. Dry the feet ell and massage with  your favorite massage cream to moisturize the feet . There is nothing worse than cracked dry rough feet. That is a real turn off.!!

Other options

In your Foot Spa add:

  1. 1 Tbls Epsom salts and one tsp rock salt and 5 drops red thyme pure essential oil for battered, tired, bruised feet or if you have bunions, corns or inflamed joints
  2.  ice blocks to a cold soak for swollen feet
  3.  cold tea and 3 drops tea tree pure essential oil for blisters
  4. add 2 tsp dried organic crushed black pepper or 1 Tbls mustard powder for cold feet

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‘Keep your eyes in the stars and your feet on the ground”

Theodore Roosevelt