Self Massage – Head, Neck and Shoulders

This easy technique can be given as a gift to a family member who is stressed or perform this easy routine on yourself at the end of a busy day.

You can use the same aromatherapy massage oil recipe as listed in self massage for the face for this routine as well.

Head: The Cockroach Walk

  • place thumbs on both sides of the back of the head at the base of the skull
  • press firmly towards the skull for 3 seconds and release, repeat three times
  • let all five fingers do the walking through the hair in the same press and release action, whilst thumbs remain in place. Repeat three times (Cover the entire head with slow firm pressure)
  • then using all thumbs and fingers  slowly and firmly massage  down and release up fast letting go of the hair and head simultaneously. Repeat all over the head three times.

Neck – The Clamp

  • clamp three times both sides with both hands (With right hand, form the clamp with  thumb on one side of the neck and the other four fingers at the other side. Grip tightly at top of neck, repeat clamp in the middle of the neck and again at the bottom of the neck. Do the same with the left hand. Repeat three times )

Shoulders – Effleurage and Fist Tapping

  • gently sweep from neck over shoulder,  down arm to elbow and off over wrist and hand.  Repeat three times on top of arm and three time at back of arm.
  • form a soft fist with fingers curled in and thumb covering. Tap flat part of fist  from neck over shoulder, down arm to back of hand. Turn arm over and tap over open hand up arm to under arm. Repeat three times.

This easy routine takes less than 10 minutes to pamper and release body tension. For more information watch other of my videos to help you take charge of your health naturally. You may also wish to receive my regular  newsletter for on going health tips by clicking on the green subscribe button at the top right hand side of this page.

Love yourself enough to give yourself a massage.