Therapeutic Healing Bath

What is the difference between a relaxing bath and a therapeutic bath

A relaxing bath

  • soak in warm to hot water for 30 – 45 minutes
  • add Epsom salts and essential oils of choice
  • listen to music for relaxation
  • when you are finished towel dry  and don your clothes for the day

Therapeutic bath

  • full hot bath
  • drink a glass of water before your bath
  • soak for only 15 – 20 minutes with Epsom salts and essential oils
  • immediately  out of the bath, lie yourself flat on the ground or on your bed completely covered with warm towels and  dune  for 20 minutes (you will perspire)
  •  take a warm shower, wash your hair
  • still under the shower, turn hot tap off and stand for 5 minutes under cold water, moving all the time from head, to stomach, to back and sides
  • dry yourself and don your clothes for the day, feeling terrific and energized
  • drink another big glass of water


  1. Do not leave out the cold shower step or the 20 minutes lying flat after therapeutic bath step.
  2. Do not take this hot therapeutic bath if you have high blood pressure or heart condition.

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