Steam/ Tissue Inhalation

How to use Pure Essential oils for Steam Inhalation:

  • Prepare your bowl of hot steaming water
  • Use two to four drops only of chosen oil (for colds and flu choose from tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, pine or thyme)
  • Roll up a towel forming a funnel and breathe in
  • Close the funnel as you hold your breathe as long as possible
  • Breath out and visualize releasing the infection back to the earth to transform it into compost to nourish mother earth.
  • Repeat six times at least three times a day till you are feeling great again.

How to Use Pure Essential Oils Neat for Tissue Inhalation

  1. Allow two drops of your chosen oil to drop onto a tissue (see suggestions below)
  2. Inhaling two drops of pure essential oils neat on a tissue is a very effective way to find quick relief from common ailments:
Lavender attracts the bees into your garden
Lavender attracts the bees into your garden
  • drowsiness when driving use peppermint
  • for head aches use peppermint and lavender
  • for improved sleep use lavender or chamomile
  • for blocked sinuses use eucalyptus and peppermint
  • for coughs use eucalyptus
  • for colds and blocked sinuses  use eucalyptus, peppermint and  tea tree
  • for concentration use rosemary, basil or lemon

Follow this procedure for the best results: 

  1. stand up straight with tissue in hand
  2. allow two drops of selected oil to drop onto tissue
  3. crumple up the tissue  in your hand
  4. take a deep breathe in and bend over as you breath out, empty lungs completely
  5. take the  impregnated tissue to your nose, breathe in deeply as you slowly stand up straight again
  6. hold your breathe for as long as possible
  7. take tissue away as you bend over and breath out
  8. repeat step 5, 6 and 7, two more times

Now enjoy the benefits of the oils you have just breathed in. You will sleep better, no more head aches, no falling asleep at the wheel when driving long distance and stubborn coughs are eased.

TIP : Pure Essential Oils should not be used neat on the skin except in these special circumstances:

  • for pimples use a drop of lavender and tea tree on cotton ear bud
  • for cold sores use rose geranium directly on the affected area
  • for burns use lavender

Use aromatherapy oils to balance your body with ease and grace.

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