Alex Nafari – More than a Chiropractor

Why Chiroptractics?

“Its all about improving quality of life  of patients” says Alex.


On  obesity Alex had this to say:

  • lifestyle changes need to be made
  • exercise regularly to burn off unwanted fat
  • when working in a stressful environment cut the comfort food
  • poor self image affects self confidence and success in life
  • obesity leads to High Blood Pressure, arthritis and diabetes – FACT

 Alex’s  three tips of essential tools for your tool box  in life :

  1. eat good healthy seasonal food
  2. regular exercise out doors wherever possible three or four times a week
  3. pay attention to your spiritual side by finding your purpose

“Having these three  “tools” aligned , this is the key”

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The principals of Chiropractics is to offer better health naturally that is drug free, preferable surgery free, balanced diet and quality of movement.

Alex Nafari