The feet are the map of the whole body. The whole body is interconnected. Reflexology  balances energy flow to a particular organ or gland in the body.

Historically connections that have influenced modern reflexology include:

  • acupuncture or acupressure
  • writings from ancient Egypt and Rome that correspond with reflex zones
  • both the Incas and the North  American tribes who used foot massage in healing

Why reflexology?

  • is it non invasive
  • relative simplicity
  • it works

Benefits of reflexology include:

  • reduces symptoms of stress
  • improves function of internal organs
  • diagnostic aid
  • maintenance of good health
  • stretching and loosening improves local circulation
  • enhances relaxation

Reflexology can be  used to treat  common ailments including:

  1. back pain
  2. digestive disorders
  3. migraine
  4. menstrual problems
  5. sinus problems
  6. general stress and tension

CAUTION: Reflexology can have very powerful effect in the body. It is better avoided by pregnant women, those with arthritis, osteoporosis, heart or thyroid disorders.

As a home therapy, however, reflexology massage can be restricted to a gentle relaxation method.

Ten  Easy Step Treatment

Repeat each step three times

Using the smallest amount of oil begin the foot massage

  1. Connect: Connect your hands with your partners feet and hold gently as if saying “hello”
  2. Press thumbs into solar plexus reflex: Place your thumbs in the hollow of their feet under the pads of the ball of the feet. (solar plexus). Press firmly both thumbs together as your partner takes a deep breath in. Release the feet as your partner breathes out.
  3. Stroking feet up and down toes to ankles and back: Place cupped hands on Stroke up the feet together from toes to ankles on the top of the feet. then place thumbs under the foot at the same time as your stroke back towards the toes using medium pressure both on top and underneath.
  4. Circles on the ankles: Place both hands on either side of one ankle. Systematically massage in circles all around the ankle . Repeat on other ankle.
  5. Circles on the toes: Hold one foot at a time and circulate each toe one at a time. Work gently clockwise three times and then anti clockwise three times until each toes has been massaged. Repeat on other foot.
  6. Rocking the ankles: Hold ankle one at a time between the wrists of both of your hands and gently rock from side to side. Repeat on other ankle.
  7. Foot stretch : Secure the heel of one foot  in one hand and toe of the same foot in the other and gently twist in opposite directions. Repeat on other foot.
  8. Foot twist : Place on hand on the inside and one hand on the outside. Using the palms of your hand twist the foot in opposite direction as you slide from toes to ankle. Repeat on other foot.
  9. Kneading foot: With your fist knead from ball of foot to heel and back again. Repeat on other foot.
  10. Finish: Stroke gently up and down foot with both hands, three times, getting lighter and lighter as you visualize all the tension leaving their body. Repeat on other foot. Now place a hand on each foot and hold still for three breathes to close connection.

Bliss wonderful bliss