Protein Alternatives

Lighten the Load on Mother Earth by eating more Alternative Protein Sources

Choose from some of these alternative proteins:

  • Nuts – Almonds(20% protein), cashews (17% protein), brazil nuts (14% protein). Important in the diet for selenium. Hazelnuts (15% protein). Their outstanding feature is their high Vitamin E content. Walnuts (14% protein), pecan nuts (10% protein), macadamia nuts (8% protein) , Pistachios 20% protein), pine (13% protein), coconut (6% protein) but rich in minerals and healthy  fat

    Nuts a great source of protein
    Nuts a great source of protein
  • Seeds – Pepitas (27% protein) Sunflower seeds (23% protein). Sesame seeds (22% protein) – ‘Tahini’, sesame paste,  is more easily digested. Flax seed (18% protein), chia seeds (16 – 21% protein), quinoa seeds (14% protein)
  • Beans – Lima beans (21% protein), kidney beans (22% protein) , chickpeas (16% protein), mung beans (24% protein)
  • Legumes – Soya beans (31% protein) and soya products( tofu, tempeh, temari, miso, soya milk, soya flour, and soya grits),  peanuts (25% protein) and lentils (24% protein)

WARNING: Although low in fat, which is a plus, they contain also low levels of purines. In the body they convert to uric acid. Avoid only if you have gout.

Sunflower seed - 23% protein
Sunflower seed – 23% protein
  • Eggs – Free range ( 13% protein), organic  eggs are far superior and the only conscious choice due to the appalling cruelty of battery and caged hens .

Leading health magazine, The Nature Health, had this to say:  “Whole egg statistics are: protein 13%, fat 10%, carbohydrates negligible, fibre zero. The protein is the best balanced of any food for humans.

  • Cheese – parmesan (38% protein)), Swiss (28%  protein) , Edam (28% protein), gouda (26% protein), unprocessed cheddar (25% protein) , cottage cheese (15% protein), cottage low fat (18% protein), ricotta (10% protein)

WARNING: Moderate quantities of cheese can be consumed( 100gm a week is recommended)

With the average meat serve running at 20% protein from the list above you can see there are a great many better alternatives.

Eggs Glorious Eggs - The most balanced proteinfor the human body
Eggs Glorious Eggs – The most balanced protein for the human body

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