Balance your Body Systems

When the  body is out of balance it shows in many ways:

  • tired
  • irritable
  • pain in the body
  • low libido
  • poor sleep
  • frequent colds and  coughs
  • headaches and
  • depression are just a few red warning flags
Elixir for life, Ionix Supreme.
Elixir for life, Ionix Supreme.

What you can do to bring your body back in balance naturally:

  1. Start taking the Ionix Supreme tonic without delay
  2. Drink 2 litres of quality water every daily
  3. Go for a 30 minute walk breathing consciously
  4. Practice Qigong  everyday first thing in the morning for 100 days. You will feel the difference.
  5. Be diligent and plan eight hours of horizontal sleep every night so the body can replenish and repair

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