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Lemons Restore Acid – Alkaline Balance

Why Acid – Alkaline balance is important for your health

  • Acid-alkaline imbalances can lead to disease
  •  Chronic over-acidity causes the body’s bloodstream to change to an environment that diminishes oxygen levels and supports unhealthy microorganisms, including cancer cells and tumors.
  • Imbalance leads to impaired immune function.

Other harmful effects include:

Lemons to restore acid-alkaline balance to your body
  • accelerated aging – When your body’s cells are continually exposed to an overly acidic environment, their cell structure can become altered, meaning that the cell walls lose their integrity.
  • impaired brain function – An overly acidic internal environment inhibits neuron function.(brain fog and forgetfulness are common symptoms).
  • demineralization (loss of the body’s mineral stores)- can lead to tooth problems because loss of calcium (dry and cracking skin, brittle and thinning hair, fingernails that crack or split easily, and bleeding and oversensitive gums are common symptoms )
  • fatigue –In an overly acidic environment, your body’s blood supply of oxygen diminishes making oxygen less available to the cells, tissues, and organs causing tiredness .

    Lemons Magnificent Lemons
    Lemons Magnificent Lemons
  • impaired enzyme activity – enzymes can only perform their multitude of tasks correctly within specific pH levels. If these pH levels become imbalanced, as they do with acidosis, enzyme function becomes disrupted.
  • inflammation and organ damage -chronic acidosis can be damaging to the tissues and organs with which they come into contact. If not neutralized or eliminated, they can cause lesions and hardening of organ tissues, as well as inflammation. Common symptoms include  hives, eczema, blotching, itching , urination can become painful and the urinary tract can become inflamed, causing a painful, burning sensation during urination.
  • proliferation of harmful microorganisms – When the pH of the blood remains consistently below 7.365, the bloodstream becomes a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms (like a stagnant swamp).  Bacteria, fungi, molds, yeasts (including Candida), and viruses proliferate.

What does  acid – alkaline balance  really mean?

Acid - Alkaline balance - 7.4
Acid – Alkaline balance – 7.4
  •  acid-alkaline balance refers to the balance between the amount of acids and non-acids (alkalis) that are found in your body’s fluids (blood, saliva, and urine) and tissues. (determined by measuring pH levels).
  • when it is imbalanced—either too acidic or too alkaline you become ill
  • in order to thrive, your body’s blood chemistry needs to be slightly alkaline (ideally having a pH of 7.4)

Tips for using lemons every day:

  1. drink juice of half a lemon in a tall glass of  hot water first thing every  morning (all water you drink needs to be good quality filtered water – no Chlorine and as much fluoride removed as possible. The Zazen bench top system removes 90% fluoride and all chlorine)

    Lemons - squeeze them, slice them, grate them  and drink them every day
    Lemons – squeeze them, slice them, grate them and drink them every day
  2. thinly slice and dry all lemon halves( organic lemons only) then whiz through your blender to make lemon zest powder. Sprinkle on everything
  3. freeze organic lemons and grate before your squeeze – flavor all your cooking with the grated zest
  4. squeeze over vegetables
  5. add into salad dressings
  6. incorporate lemon juice into your daily shake

Benefits of consuming lemon water daily:

  • activates and hydrates your brain

    Drink more water to reduce headaches
    Drink more water to reduce headaches
  • assists you to  manage your healthy weight (reduces appetite)
  • reduces your sugar cravings
  • speeds up your metabolism
  • restores your complexion to radiant health, repairing your skin
  • reduces your  headache
  • freshens breath
  • detoxes the liver
  • promotes overall healing
  • aids digestion
  • supports healthy immune function

Try this for 21 days and spot the difference.

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