Quinoa – The Delicious High Protein Seed

Quinoa – The easy versatile seed offering 28% protein is called” the gold of the Incas”

Super “Grain” of the millenuim!!!

Preparing Quinoa:

  1. wash well under running water to remove any traces of bitterness
  2. 1/3 quinoa seeds to 1 cup water
  3. cover and bring to the boil

    Quinoa tri colour
    Quinoa tri colour
  4. reduce heat to simmer fro 20 minutes
  5. drain thoroughly when cooked
  6. allow to stand with lid on – 10 minutes
  7. fluff and srve


Serving suggestions once prepared:

  • use as you would  couscous
  • replace rice with Quinoa
  • add to salads (with beetroot, various fruits, rocket, chickpeas, avocado, sweet potato, halloumi,  etc)
  • just add fresh herbs ,tomatoes and cucumber
  • make Tabbouleh Quinoa by replacing the bulgar with Quinoa
  • do as you would with barley
  • great aide dish to any meal

  • serve in breakfast porridge
  • add to casseroles
  • use as a bed when serving baked or grilled fish
  • for additional flavor add a clove, sprig of rosemary, smashed garlic or black pepper


  • cook it with broth instead of water for additional nutrition value
  •  tri – color Quinoa for me cooks up the best and is not sticky

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    Quinoa ready to seed-
    Quinoa ready to seed-

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