Meditative Walk in the Woods

When is a walk not exercise?

When you take time out to nourish the senses of the soul:

  • Smell the earthiness around you
  • Feel the texture of the bushes as you brush by
  • Listen to the sounds of nature and the sound of your feet on the undergrowth
  • Feel the breeze on your skin and the sun as it warms you
  • Allow your feet to really connect you to mother earth with every step
  • Consciously be aware of the fresh air entering your nose
Hug a tree
Hug a tree
  1. When you come to a window ; stop, look out, imagine its a new opportunity opening up for you in your life, let your mind take the opportunity as if day dreaming. Feel at one  with nature.
  2. When you find a tree that feels right for you stop, ask permission to take some its energy, hold your hands out facing the tree, then touch the trunk with your hands and finally hug the tree.

This unpressured slow gentle walk has no time limits it can be five minutes or half an hour. Whatever it needs to be for you on that day is perfect.

Benefits you will enjoy:

  • refreshed feeling
  • revitalized all over
  • energized by nature
  • your Qi will be enhanced
  • your creativity will be restored
  • you will feel positive again
  • you will be open to new opportunities

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