Quality Sleep

“Blessings on him who invented sleep”


Would you like to sleep soundly like this dog?
Would you like to sleep soundly like this dog?


The magic EIGHT hours sleep every night makes all the difference. This is when:

  • the body repairs and restores
  • the emotional brain is properly primed
  • a positive and energetic state of mind is created
  • brain chemicals are balanced
  • irritability, depression and mood swings are overcome
  • judgment, brain function and clear thinking are enhanced
  • the metabolic impact of exercise and nutrition is changed

Best quality sleep should be between 10pm and 6am

(every one hour before midnight is worth double in comparison to the hours after midnight)

Checklist for peaceful sleep:

  • remove from the room your digital clock and all other electronic devices
  • charge phones as far from the bedroom as possible
  • reposition the TV permanently in another room
  • unplug electric blankets at the wall before getting in to bed(use only to warm the bed)
  • exchange metal bed side lights for wood or ceramic ones
  • check that your bed is not on the same wall as your electricity box – if it is move the bed
  • cover mirrors that reflect on the bed
  • reduce noise to minimum
  • ensure a dark room and cool
  • windows should be open for fresh air

Sleep enhancing steps as you prepare for bed:

  1. Drink a delicious herbal tea (lemon balm, lemon grass, chamomile)
  2. Make a list of things you plan to do tomorrow (don’t go to bed worrying about what has to be done tomorrow)
  3. Listen to soothing restful music.
  4. Do a 20 minute meditation


Sleep deprivation is linked to :

  • depression/ anxiety
  • reduced work performance
  • poor concentration
  • low sex drive
  • aggression
  • increased chance of road accidents
  • Increased chance of falling asleep behind the wheel
  • fatigue
  • poor immunity
  • stroke and heart attacks – 50%
  • Poor metabolism, diabetes and obesity
  • Poor school performance and hyperactivity in children


Recommended reading :

Tired of not sleeping by Nancy Beckham and Dr Sandra Cabot

 “The first wealth is our health”

Ralph Waldo Emerson