Stress Management Check List

Put into your routine as many of these stress management tools as possible
Meditation brings the body back in balance
Meditation brings the body back in balance
  • Practise acceptance / detachment
  • Live in the present. Don’t fret about the past (it has passed) Future is yet to come. Be in the NOW
  • Prioritize
  • Pace yourself
  • Create balance in your life.     Work/ friends/ family/ home/personal /time out
  • Watch your thoughts (“your word is your wand”)
  • Reframe (Up till now…..)
  • Regular exercise (walk/run/gym/bike….do what you love)

    Qigong under the trees
    Qigong under the trees
  • Conscious breathing (techniques natural/deep abdominal/in for 3 out for 5)
  • Meditation (mind clearing/ cleansing /bring in the light /healing)
  • Visualization
  • Set goals(be realistic)
  • Seek help (if necessary)
  • Make time for relaxation and fun
  • Read inspirational material for a few minutes each day
  • Drink quality water(2 litres per day)
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude (start a gratitude journal)
  • Listen to relaxing music/ take a warm bath
  • Laugh / smile / watch a funny movie
  • Use affirmations (what you think about you bring about)
  • Learn to say NO