Collective Rain Call


This video was scripted, filmed and edited by Gareth Q Barrett –

I was totally and utterly shocked when I visited Tamworth and Manilla in rural New South Wales recently. I witnessed:

Parched earth

In the aftermath of the tragic fires resulting from “The Big Dry” Photograph by Dirk Klynsmith Photographer

Dry river beds

Dams with no water

Dusty paddocks and no grass

Trees stressed and dying everywhere

Very few sheep and cattle for kilometers

In Scone, before we even drove beyond the Great Dividing Range, the roots of the trees on the pavements were exposed, surrounded only by dry, hard, cracked earth.

This broke my heart as a passionate organic gardener.

I then and there decided to take action by organising a Collective Conscious Rain Call

Please join me where ever you are

Trees standing proud yet stressed from no rain and intense heat.

on 20th October 2019

at 9 am EST Australia

Use this guided meditation to evoke a rain ceremony and then celebrate as if the rain has come. Join me with your conscious intention and knowing awareness. Being present in the moment is vital. Be in the here and now. Believe that the rain has already fallen in the dry drought-stricken areas of this planet.   Echart Tolle describes this being in the present moment, and not doing,  a “touch with gold”.

Join me as you put aside your ego about trying to get what you want and ask yourself:

What would the Universe want from me?

It is not about personal willpower, it is about allowing the power of universal intelligence to flow.

Instead of negative thoughts, and doubts or encountering obstacles,  look at the

situation and what IS possible.

The universe loves to create. As you constantly and collectively manifest rain, you become the vehicles of creative intelligence.

Drumming is what is done throughout Africa to celebrate the rain

You can call the rain.  Making rain has occurred all over the world for centuries:

  1. In Africa, they sing dance and beat drums
  2. The aborigines might use the rain stick, didgeridoo, and the sticks as they dance
  3. Christians, Jews, and Muslims would pray and sing praises to their Lord
  4. In Bali, the wave drum may be used
  5. Native American Indians used the Shamanic Native American Flute as they danced around the fire.

    It’s raining on the coast.

” We can all call the rain

and the sun at any time,

creation is a mystery

only to those who don’t hear its song”

Randy Granger

It’s not about the rain. It’s about the planet, mother earth, and farmers,  crying out for help.

Did you know that this fatal combination of Drought, Heat, and Fire have lead to:

  • suicide rates amongst Australian farmers have reached epidemic proportions
  • mental health issues with men in rural areas being five times higher than that of non-farmers

    It became drier and dustier as we drove over the Great Diving Range
  • vegetable prices rising sharply
  • farmers selling up and leaving the land


The ‘ Big Dry ‘ bites deep:

61% of New South Wales is in Drought

65% of Queensland is in Drought

The town of Guyra has totally run out of water. Water is being trucked in daily for the basic need of the small population of just under 2,000 people.

The dam servicing the Tamworth’s 60,00 residents is at 23% and dropping.

At sunset, the earth takes respite from the heat


“If a course of action is in alignment with what the universe wants, it will become empowered” 

Echart Tolle