Golden Light Meditation

Golden Light Meditation

Sit quietly and spare five or six minutes to nourish the soul.


Modern technology is now able to monitor the physiological effects of meditation.

The benefits of going inside include (long term meditators – 6 weeks or more) :

  • higher serotonin level – makes you happy
  • Lover levels of cortisol – less stress
  • Higher level of melatonin – boosts immune system and has anti-cancer  effect in the body
  • Brain wave patterns change to include greater levels of alpha waves – this is associated with a calm and more focused state of mind
  • Electro – Encephalogram coherence increased – greater degree of co-ordination of harmony between various brainwave activities in different parts of the brain

Research by Dr. Craig Hassed – Community Medicine Melbourne Australia

Some things to consider:

  • There are no rules
  • Sit still or lie down anywhere
  • The more you practice the easier  it becomes
  • Whenever you do it , that is it. You are practicing.
  • During practice ask your self “Am  I awake?’
  • Keep it simple – Start with three deep breathes
  • Eyes open or closed
  • It takes patience
  • Learn to let go and just be and allow it to happen.
  • Remain non judgmental
  • Trust the process
  • You have to be strong enough to be weak
  • Breathe and concentrate – be aware of the breathe as it enters your nose
  • Capture your moments
  • Be relaxed and attentive
  • It will be different every time
  • When your mind wonders focus on the GOLDEN BALL OF LIGHT
  • Let the light be the magic of your journey

Practice is the path

It is our job to learn to perceive the understanding of  life. To live in harmony with the Tao.

Recommended reading

“Where ever you go there  you are”

by Jon Kabat – Zinn

In this book he describes mindful meditation for everyday life. I highly recommend this book if you want a deeper understanding of meditation.