Golden Sun Ball

This is a meditation you can do anywhere any time. It need only take five minutes or you can bask in the golden light for as long as you wish.


Few easy steps:

  • sit comfortably
  • hands resting in your lap
  • gently close your eyes
  • allow the sounds around you to just wash over you
  • take a few moments to settle as you take in three deep breaths

Now imagine your magnificent warm Golden Sun Ball is at the base of your spine. With every in breath it rolls up your spine.

Your  Sun Ball :

  • warms
  • nourishes
  • heals
  • soothes and calms every part of your body

It continues rolling up your spine, into your neck area, till it reaches the top of your head.

Now allow your ball to roll down the front of your body. Draw the warm energy into your body.

  • releasing tightness and tension
  • easing aches and pains
  •  softening all the tissues

When your Golden Sun Ball reaches your feet, bask in the warmth of this magnificent light.

Consciously on the out breath feel the aches and pains, the tightness and tension, toxins and illness being dissolved in your body and returned to the earth to be transformed.

Bask in this healing moment for as long as you need to. Allowing harmony  to be restored.

Enjoy the peace it brings to the body

Repeat this cycle as many time as you need to – until calm has been returned to your inner core.


“The mirror of the sun is  the yang fire that makes light.

If not for the moon and stars

How could we collect yin essence?

The yang sun and yin moon 

are balanced fire and water

in the body”

Wei Po-Yang