Just a minute

It only takes a minute to still the mind

I learned this amazingly easy technique from the Brahma Kumaris. You can do it anywhere

Most of us now lead busy and demanding lives . The challenges trigger stress and quickly drain our energy.

It takes only a minute :

  • to focus your mind
  •  to find peace of mind
  •  to listen and hear the call of your own heart

Six Easy Steps:

Can you hear where the sound finishes?
Can you hear where the sound finishes?
  1. Sit up straight
  2. Legs uncrossed
  3. Feet on the ground
  4. Gently close your eyes
  5.  Take a deep breathe in
  6. Now focus

Ideas for your one minute focus:

  • the sound of the Tibetan cymbals – listen and feel where the sound finishes with each and every tinkle of the cymbals
  • relax the body – focusing your attention on the forehead – my thoughts slow down won.
  • invite the senses to relax, appreciate the work they do, I choose to give them a break, close the motorways of your senses – my mind is free and resting, I return with clarity.

    Love heals all
    Love heals all
  • the power of love -I gently invoke Love , open your heart, experience your eternal connection, feel the Love of acceptance. I learn to accept myself,  my heart is filled  with unconditional love. I  am ready to share Love unconditionally
  • floating away on a cloud  – looking down on the picture of your life, any problems seem so small, take this moment to enjoy the  silence, peace and rest. The mind is relaxed.
  • breathing in Love – focus on the  crown, breathing in Love and out Peace. Let peace become your friend drop by drop sprinkling them everywhere reigniting Hope . I am at one with the world sharing moments of Peace and love.
  • imagine you are a butterfly  – flit from one aromatic flower to another,  take in the beauty around you, enjoy the being fully nourished. Hold this thought.
  • pretend you are a sunflower – The sunflower is smiling at everyone who passes. Feel the love as you smile both internally and externally. 

Smile  =  Start My Internal Love Engine

  • the Forest – you are  walking down a country lane , this leads into a forest, see the tall trees, the ferns on the forest floor, notice  all the shades of green,  feel the still atmosphere around, feel the rays of the sun shining through the trees,  feel their penetrating warmth, allow yourself to be reenergized

    Feel the sun touch you through the forest canopy
    Feel the sun touch you through the forest canopy
  • breath in calm –  breath in gathering  all the tense and negative thoughts, then blow them away. Now draw in calm and tranquil thoughts as you breath in and spread them through your body as you breath out.
  • bringing light –  turning inwards imagine you a lighthouse strong, firm and stable, spreading light in all directions illuminating the way for others, spreading the light of love, peace and joy, empowering others on their journey
  • reenergize  – still your mind,  remember the peace and power of my inner being, in your minds eye see a point of radiant golden light, connect to the  pure energy flow, allow it to fill your  mind recharge and reenergize your entire being, feel that light and power allow you to become whole once again.
  • letting go – imaging yourself on the bank of a river , you notice the fishes amongst the water lilies. A small boat is close that is not tied down,  it is about to drift. You place all worries, fears and anxieties in the boat. You  gently push it away. Watch the boat drift into the distance. You feel light and relaxed

It takes only a minute – try it.

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