Sitting in Stillness Observing a Creature

This ancient practice dates back to the Ancient Chinese shamans ( 1028 -221BC).

When you observe an animal or  creature in nature, you have to sit still, watch, wait and listen for the lesson.

“Cats believe they never make mistakes. They are confident, comfortable and sure of themselves. Cats are graceful and proud holding their tail aloft as an indicator of their  self importance.” Creature Teacher  –  Animal Wisdom” by Scott Alexander King.

Four Easy Steps to Observation

  •  Place your attention on the creature and on the creature totally
  • Place your intention to learn a lesson from nature
  • Expect with an air of anticipation that you will receive the enlightenment
  • Be patient with the process

Animals come to us with messages. They are never far from the truth. Live in harmony with the creatures Mother Earth has brought to you. Nurture all animals along your path with LOVE causing no harm ever. Imagine a world with no animals. Would you like to live there? I don’t think so. We need to pull together and take better care of each other.

By connecting to creatures you:

Opportunistic gulls
Opportunistic gulls
  • reconnect with mother earth
  • open your heart to healing

A brief A – Z of lessons from creatures you might come across:

Ant – helps us to overcome all obstacles

Bear – teaches us to think before we act

Cat – reminds you to be become confident

Dolphin – teaches you to keep moving forward in the direction we need to travel to reach our goal

Duck – teaches you to maintain an air of confidence even when the going gets tough

Eagle – reminds you that you are safe and have nothing to fear

Goats bums up
Goats bums up

Fox – tells you to stand tall and be proud of who you are

Goat – Is a reminder that you can go it alone you are resourceful in all situations, like the goat you never give up.

Horse – You have the power to mover forward at all levels

Iceland Gull – You have remarkable adaptable qualities coping in extreme conditions.

Jack Russel – You are intelligent, fearless and athletic. Don’t lets peoples negativity get to you.

Koala – Accessing your consciousness is the key to realizing the answers to all your questions

Conscious Stillness of a Lizard
Conscious Stillness of a Lizard

Lizard – You are being asked:  “Have you ever experienced deja vu? ” If you have you are a day dreamer just like the lizard.

Mountains Loin – You are being recognized for your responsible nature, leadership qualities and fair character.

Nurse Shark – Although you need and want boundaries, you have trouble honouring them

Owl – You are reminded that you are wise beyond your years. You do not have to talk loudly for people to hear you.

Owl Wise
Owl Wise

Parrot – You are being told that you are appreciated by many because of the beauty, vibrancy, and joy you bring to others lives.

Quail – A reminder that although you are solitary it is good to spend time with others especially family.

Rabbit – You are being reminded of the way you look at life. Instead of worrying and being nervous and stressed. Be like the rabbit, make every situation work for you .

Salmon – This is a reminder that everything happens for a reason. There are no such things as accidents and nothing happens by chance.

Tiger – You are being told to face  your issues front on instead of looking for an easy way out.

Acute hearing X-ray tetra
Acute hearing X-ray tetra

Unicorn – Here is a sign that everything will work out for the best. Like a guiding star Unicorns lead those with a pure heart to a place of knowing.

Vulture – You have been blessed with the excellent sight and intuition. Use wisely.

Wolf  – This indicates you a quick learner and that some day you will have the chance to  share wisdom with others.

X-Ray Tetra – You are reminded of your beauty and your gift of hearing. Use both wisely, as you always protect your backbone.

Powerful Yak
Powerful Yak

Yak – You are reminded that you have broad shoulders and can carry the load that life offers you. You radiate warmth.

Zebra – Celebrate that you are unique and special. You are not like anyone else. there is good reason for that.

Zebra embrace
Zebra embrace
Sleeping Dog
Sleeping Dog