Walking Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. It can be a lifestyle choice when even weeding the garden or washing the dishes become a meditation.

 Tips for walking meditation:

  • walking in silence alone for about 10 minutes – stillness and motion harmonized
  • focus only on the next step ahead of you – make each step as stable as a mountain 
  • allow the sounds and activities around you to flow over you like water
  • do not get distracted – mind and body become tranquil and balanced
  • take your mind in the breathe and walk slowly in a beautiful rhythm with nature

    Walking in nature
    Walking in nature
  • be in the moment for every moment as you become one with your surroundings
  • take time to feel the different vegetation around you – the movements are delicately balanced
  • when you come to natures window stop and allow the guidance to drop in
  • notice the colors with no judgment

Four  ways you can benefit from this daily practice:

  1. calms your  mind
  2. increases your creativity

    Hug a tree along the way
    Hug a tree along the way
  3. improves your health
  4. better sleep

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This is the challenge in Walking meditation:

  • Can you keep breathing as you move?
  • Can your depth and rate  of breathing remain undisturbed?
  • Can your heart beat remain calm slow and even?

“You need to find stillness amid the change. By staying centered and tranquil during activity you can retain this body-and remain in control during times of stress” 

The way of Qigong by Kenneth S Cohen

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