Arthritis “Gloves” On and Off

From where did this unusual home remedy for curing arthritis originate?

My dear late mother, Mary Crockett,   was taught this exercise during her  yoga classes back in the 1950s. I remember seeing my mom doing this very exercise on a regular basis.  Her yoga teacher was in her 80s then and had beautiful hands and fingers. No aches, pains or disfigurement.

Watch how to do the Arthritis “Gloves” on and off routine

Arthritis Aromatherapy oil recipe:

  • one teaspoon sweet almond oil into a dark glass bottle or jar with screw top
  • one teaspoon coconut oil
  • a total of 10 drops of pure essential frankincense, ginger and wintergreen oils (a few drops of each oil).

    Pain - free hands for all
    Pain – free hands for all
  • all together and store in dark place.


  1. use on a daily basis, or when needed
  2. pour enough arthritis oil into the palms of your hands so you can smoothly slide the mixture up and down your fingers (note that when I refer to “upwards” in the instructions, I am talking about doing massage strokes from your fingertips up to your elbows)
  3. pull your imaginary tight   “glove” over your left hand  fingers first. Use the right hand to massage from the tip of each finger to where it joins your palm with 20 upward strokes.
  4. now stroke from the base of your left fingers across the palm and back of that hand to your wrist as if pulling the glove on  – 20 firm strokes.
  5. now pull the left glove up your arm from your wrist to your elbow – 20 firm brisk strokes.
  6. now do the same in reverse taking the left  “glove” off.
  7. repeat on the right hand, using the left hand to put on and take off the  “glove”.

By  the time you have completed this routine both your hands will be tingling and warm. The arthritis “glove” technique increases the circulation and assists reduce pain and inflammation

TIP :   Drink 2 litres of quality water every day to flush out your system. Start your day by drinking hot water and lemon juice with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to create an alkaline environment in your body.

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