Cellulite be gone

What is cellulite?

Persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s butts, hips, thighs and upper legs  (the orange peel look). This is sometimes referred to as saggy shadows.

 Some Facts about cellulite:

Chia seeds - packed with nutrition
Chia seeds – packed with nutrition
  1. cellulite is about the soft,  untoned muscles, this is a structural issue ( muscles need to be firm and toned)
  2. expensive gels and moisturizers don’t work
  3. expensive spa treatments don’t work
  4. it is not a genetic problem its a lifestyle one
  5. cellulite can be beat

 100 day self help plan to help rid cellulite for good and prevent it reoccurring:

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  • make a serious lifestyle change by eating fresh, organic food including whole grains and plenty leafy greens
  • eat half a grapefruit and one granny smith apple every day
Fresh organic friut
Fresh organic fruit
  • eliminate fat, preservatives and sugar from your new lifestyle program
  • drink a glass of warm lemon juice first thing in the morning (you can also use apple cider vinegar)
  • dry skin brush daily( to stimulate the lymphatic system)
  • massage the trouble spots with your specific cellulite massage oil (use a rolling pin in an upward motion)
  • add this oil to your bath
  • drink 2 litres of water every day (to help flush the toxins)
  • say NO to coffee
  • use a positive affirmation like :  “I love my sexy, firm, toned skin and body. I am cleansing now”
  • wear loose, well fitting cloths (not tight to restrict lymphatic flow)
  • have a regular manual lymphatic drainage massage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you keep doing what you have always done

You will keep getting what you have got


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