Ear Health


Eight  easy tips to keep your ears in peak condition

Simple routine:

  1. ‘Up Yours” fingers  –  forming a V . Place under ear lobe rub vigorously up and down x20 times.
  2. Pull both ear lobes down X20 times
  3. Lift both  ears  up pulling the top of the ear,  moving the entire ear X20 times
  4. Take hold of the back of both ears and pull back wards X20 times
  5. Cover both ears with the palms of each hand. Rub vigorously backwards and forwards pulling the back of your ear forward, then rubbing it flat  and forward again. X20 time
  6. Still with  the palm of your hand,  cover both ears, press inwards causing a vacuum and release X20 times
  7. With your second and third finger tap firmly from  the cheek bones at the side of the ears in a circle. Up  around the ear , to the back of the ear , to  under the ear and back to the cheek bone . Complete  10 times clockwise and x10 anti clockwise saying your chosen affirmation.  Possible suggestions: ‘I can hear clearly now” or  ” I can hear everything with ease and grace.”
  8. Finish with the rolling action between your fingers as you work from the bottom of your ears to the top as if rolling a little ball between your fingers. When you come across a tender spot , stay there and rub harder and longer!!!!!!


Earache is one of the most common complaints relating to the ears especially with children. Hot compresses are the most effective home treatment.

Some helpful alternative remedies to consider include:

  1. Aromatherapy (Chamomile and Lavender hot compress )
  2. Herbalism
  3. Homeopathy
  4. Naturopathy
  5. Shiatsu
  6. Acupuncture
  7. Ear Candling

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