Maintain a healthy flexible spine

This easy routine only takes 15 minutes a day to keep your spine flexible for life.


How to get started:

  • Sit in the center of the ball with both feet on the ground about shoulder width apart. If this is difficult, then use a wider stance.
  • The knees should be in line over the ankles.
  • Shoulders should be in line over the body (not hunching forward) and the head squarely over the neck (not leaning forward).

Once you can sit comfortably on the ball at your desk or watching TV, try this routine.

Three easy exercises for five minutes each: 

Start with one minute each building up to five minutes each as you build strength

  1. Balancing whilst you are sitting on the ball( both feet off the ground)
  2. Rolling forward over the ball with your stomach on the ball (then lifting buttocks up whilst pushing your  knees into the ball)
  3. Rolling backwards over the ball with your spine on the ball (keeping feet flat on the ground and straightening the knees to full stretch)


  • Keep a gentle rhythm with each exercise.
  • It is not how fast you go, it is how controlled you can become with the movements.
  • When complete do not pull yourself up on the ball. Gently walk back on the ball into your  starting,  sitting position.

Benefits to you include:

  • helps flatten the belly
  • maintaining spinal  flexibility
  • increased mobility
  • strengthens core muscles
  • builds strength in back muscles
  • stabilizes the spine
  • reduces curvature of the spine
  • a healthier spine
  • less risk of serious damage when you trip or fall
  • pain reduction
  • ability to exercise better

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