Oral Hygiene

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body – They are not Separate

Steps to take to ensure healthy teeth and gums include:

  1. brush teeth twice a day

    healthy teeth
    healthy teeth
  2. floss once a day
  3. regular dental check up
  4. six – nine monthly dental cleaning
  5. coconut oil pulling regularly first thing in the morning on an empty stomach
  6. rinse daily with essential oil, easy to make mouth wash (not commercial ones, they are toxic)
  7. massage gums with bicarbonate of soda, then rinse with warm water(natural whitening effect especially after drinking a glass of red wine or eating licorice)

    coconut oil pulling to keep mouth free of infection
    coconut oil pulling to keep mouth free of infection
  8. use clove pure essential oil on a cotton wool ball to kill infection(15 minutes)
  9. salt warm water rinse when necessary

What can go wrong:

  • bacteria can build up on the teeth
  • this makes gums prone to infection
  • the immune system moves into attack the infection – the gums become inflamed
  • infection continues until it is brought under control

    unhealthy teeth and gums
    unhealthy teeth and gums
  • over time inflammation chemicals it releases eat away at the bone structure that hold he teeth in place
  • this leads to gum disease(periodontitis)
  • this leads to health problems in the rest of the body

Common problems related to poor oral health include:

  • diabetes
  • heart disease

    healthy vs unhealthy teeth and gums
    healthy vs unhealthy teeth and gums

Both these conditions have three risk factors in common: 

  1. smoking
  2. unhealthy diet
  3. over weight or obese

Theory behind these findings:

  • infection in the mouth souses inflammation in the blood vessels
  • this can increase the risk of heart attack
  • inflamed blood vessels slow the blood traveling between the heart and rest of the body  – raising blood pressure
    foods for healthy teeth and gums
    foods for healthy teeth and gums


  • there is also a risk that fatty plaque will break off the wall of a blood vessel and travel to the heart or brain causing heart attack or stroke.



Tip : Take good care of your teeth and gums and live a long healthy life

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