Fire Power to Release Anger

 Anger be Gone!

Fire is one of the five vital universal elements. Its dry, light and hot.
This powerful energy vibrates with a violet light. Some say this is the energy Jesus channeled to heal people when He was on the earth. This powerful energy can heal emotional and physiological trauma from present and past lives.

Ancient healing looked like this:

balancing  mental + emotional + spiritual issues = good health

Current western medicine looks like this:

persistently having mental + emotional + spiritual issues  out of balance = illness

Some possible causes include:

  • troublesome/ toxic relationships
  • fear of whatever
  • anger about something that happened or didn’t happen
  • unforgiveness
  • cravings
  • addictions /substance abuse
  • no spiritual grounding rock

Easy steps to take. Great to do in a group :

Step one

  1. light a fire outdoors, have a tray of your favorite beverage in a jug/bottle with at least  three  glasses per person on the table beside you
  2. spend some time in quiet contemplation on the issues at hand as the energy of the fire builds
  3. write down what is bothering you
  4. ask why?
  5. is there anything else?
  6. keep delving deeper till there is no more coming up for you

Step two

  1. look into the fire imaging all your anger / fear/ guilt / frustration/ guilt going up in flames
  2. take your piece of paper and crumple it up into a ball and toss it in the fire saying: ” Anger / grief / guilt/ fear be gone” (whatever is appropriate)
  3. look into  the fire again feeling the release
  4. now  fill your glass, clink glasses with each in the group, connecting eye to eye. Drink it down and throw the empty glass into the fire with full power shouting : ” Anger / grief / guilt/ fear be gone”  as the glass smashes. Grab another glass and throw it again and again shouting “anger be gone”. Three glasses each.

Step three

  1. hugs all round
  2. now sit again and stare into the fire and reflect on the release for at least 10 minutes.
Secret Womans Business
Secret Womans Business


Repeat as often as is necessary. Have fun and share with others, do as a family “ritual”.

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When we hug our hearts connect and we know we are not separate beings.

“I embrace you with all my heart” Albert Camus