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 Shaking bodies and vibrating touch have been known throughout the world as powerful forms of healing expression for centuries.

Yet the value of trembling, vibrating, quaking, and shaking as a medicine for the body, mind, and soul has been all but lost in recent times, particularly among the more literate and technologically developed cultures.

It wasn’t long ago that the practices of Qigong,  yoga, meditation, and acupuncture were relatively unknown. But today the idea that relaxation and stillness bring forth healing is a paradigm that Herbert Benson, M.D., of Harvard Medical School named the relaxation response. The complement to relaxation is arousal, or the arousal response. And heightened arousal — whether through wild dancing, spontaneous jumping, or bodily shaking — may be as valuable a healing and transformative practice as sitting quietly in a lotus position. The most powerful form of healing may come from a complete cycle — from ecstatic expression to deep quiet.

How can shaking help you:

  1. release tension in the muscles
  2. boosts overall health
  3. improves immunity
  4. increases circulation
  5. de-stresses at all levels

Enjoy the healing encounter  by doing :

  • Qigong shaking or using the
  • Zen Chi Machine


  1. shaking then being still (relaxation) allows the magic to happen internally
  2. whilst breathing,  on the out breath, use any sound you choose to release to increase release through the mouth

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“Begin each morning with shaking, relaxation, meditation and nourishing Qigong.” Kenneth S. Cohen