In this section I offer easy healthy alternatives so each and everyone makes the conscious healthier choice.  “Is this good for me?’ If not make another choice.

I will introduce you to interesting foodies  I come across on my journey to take charge of your health naturally.

I encourage the use of whole foods,  coconut oil, organic fresh fruit and vegetables, legumes, sprouts with many gluten free options.

How to Make Decadent Chocolate Balls

Some other yummy recipes include:

I have been involved planting chefs herb gardens and lecturing at health retreats for over 30 years and I include them here because they have inspired me to continue planting food gardens wherever I go. They are:

Rustenberg Hydro , South Africa premier health retreat, in Stellenbosch.

Hopewood Health Retreat was  one of Australias leading health retreats for more than 60 years.

Foodies that  have inspired me include:

 Master Chef and restaurateur, James Diack

From  Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a leading light in eating trends with his farm to table and nose to tail principal. I planted  and designed their first herb garden on their farm. Janet Diack ,Jamie’s mom, is the backbone of the produce that is grown organically on the farm Brightside, in the Magaliesberg.

May Sun – Chinese cook extraordinaire!

She has inspired many a Qigong student to learn traditional Chinese cooking.  Me being one. I love Chinese food prepared the traditional way.

Master Chef Rob Rayner  

I was lucky to work with him in his home kitchen and at a function for 60 people soon after I arrived in France. We are continuing to work together.

Angie Cohen – Gluten Free Chef of note

When I lived on the community property,  Jasper’s Village Resort, on the mid North Coast of Australia I was indeed privileged to work with Angie in the kitchen when ever I was on kitchen duty.

Kath Anderson –  A foodie with love extravaganza in every mouthful. 

Kath and I worked side by side for many years at the Mona Vale Holistic healing Centre.  Kath has catered for many a NatureHealth function over the years.

The NatureHealth recipe E book is underway. Watch this space.