Decadent chocolate balls

Yes, bring it on!

Margie’s Decadent Chocolate Balls

I make up a big batch beginning of the  month so there is enough for dinner parties, gifts and to serve at my workshops.  It is a good healthy snack any time! Needless to say at Christmas time I am making a batch weekly.

Healthy decadent chocolate balls
Decadent Chocolate Balls

These Decadent Chocolate Balls :

  • are a great source of complete protein
  •  contain all the essential amino acids needed for repair and for a healthy immune system
  • are a good source of vitamin E and minerals from the almonds and fresh dates
  • with cinnamon add a distinctive flavor and also help stabilize blood sugar levels

If you can’t have nuts grind up sunflower, pumpkin and linseed then throw them in the mix in place of the almonds.


330 g raw whole almonds, cashews or walnuts

60g Isalean chocolate high protein shake mixture or almond flour

16 fresh finely chopped dates, pitted(I soak mine overnight in hot water and orange juice)

2 tablespoons cocoa /cacao powder

1 tablespoon natural vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Hand full of finely chopped fresh  mint leaf tips

Coconut oil if necessary

60mls dark rum / Cointreau

Optional extras include:

  • Coconut. cacao and chia seeds for rolling.( I love the crunch of the chia seeds).
  • Goji berries. Be creative! Every time I make them they are different depending on what’s in my cupboard.
  • linseed
  • sesame seed
  • sunflower seed
  • pine nuts
  • oats

Easy steps:

  1. put almonds into the food processor with cinnamon, protein powder and cocoa
  2. then process until the mix looks crumbly.
  3. into a bowl add finely chopped dates, vanilla extract and cinnamon.
  4. mix with wooden spoon.
  5. add the splash of  rum / Cointreau / juice from the mandarin/ coconut oil if you need to so that mixture is soft and forms a soft ball.
  6. add mint
  7. if too soft add more desiccated coconut, chia seeds or chopped nuts
  8. form into 14 decent sized balls.
  9. roll in cocoa, coconut and chia seeds or any other  coating of your choice.
  10. store in the fridge for up to four weeks until you feel like a snack or quick meal on the run.
  11. Hide in the freezer, so nobody can find them,  till required.

Add in any of the following optional extras:

  • Organic mandarin rind cut extremely thin.
  • Use Cointreau instead of rum when adding Mandarin rind.

TIP: Leave out the alcohol for kids and add mandarin juice.

My favorite herb when working with Chocolate is mint (common garden mint and chocolate mint are best). So I add a small hand full of washed and very finely chopped fresh mint.

Replace dates with Cherries for Cherry Decadent Chocolate Balls!

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“Anything is good when it is made of chocolate”

Jo Brand