Cashew Nut Cream

Thick and creamy dollops like ice-cream  or pouring consistency un-whipped cream

Cashew Nut Cream on Muesli
Cashew Nut Cream on Muesli


  • raw organic cashew nuts
  • filtered water
  • vanilla pods or  vanilla essence


Method :

  1. Place a hand full nuts in the bullet blender
  2. Add enough water to less than covering the nuts
  3. Add vanilla essence / fresh vanilla seeds to taste ( you can always add more )
  4. Blend till smooth
  5. Use on breakfast muesli, porridge, fruit salad, deserts and anything that you would use cream, ice cream, sugar loaded yoghurt,  custard or sweet sauces.
Runny Cashew Nut Cream on fruit salad
Runny Cashew Nut Cream on fruit salad


  • Lasts well in the fridge.
  • To use after being in the fridge add water to make it runny consistency again.


This easy recipe was inspired by  my 15 years lecturing on health and wellness at Hopewood Health Retreat where dairy and sugar were a NO NO! It was a sad day for me when the doors closed. The health  lessons live on.