No Hang Over

Recipe for no Hang Over


2 glasses of water

1 scoop Want More Energy

60mls Ionix Supreme

Method :

  1. Drink one glass of filtered water
  2. Then mix one scoop Want More Energy in the second glass and drink it
  3. Then drink 60 mls Ionix Supreme
  4. Crash and have a good nights sleep

On waking repeat method steps  1,2,&3

It works every time.

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    “Alcoholic beverages add little nutritional value to the Diet except for water. They are pure carbohydrate and add lots of calories.. Wine in moderation may benefit the cardiovascular system.(two glasses a day only five days a week). Two beers a day may prevent blockages of the arteries. However beer causes gout and raised blood pressure and certain cancers”

 Nutritional Almanac by Gayal and John Kirschmann