Your Questions Answered

In this section I will cover many topics, publishing the most frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I stop snails eating my plants?
  • Try broken egg shells. Some gardeners recommend baking the eggshells in a very
    Snails love a healthy garden. Some for them and some for me!
    Snails love a healthy garden. Some for them and some for me!

    low oven first to dry them out before crunching them around new seedlings

  • Sink a plastic cup with beer in the soil. Remember to clear t every other day . It will begin to smell.
  • Be an inspector at night with torch and catch them red handed drop into a bucket of salt

2. Is eating / adding sugar healthy?

No definitely not. There is mounting evidence that this can be dangerous to health wellness and longevity. Click this link for more information on Death by Sugar.

3. How do I know if I am depressed?

There are many common symptoms that you might be experiencing. If you score more then 12 out of 20 you might be. Click this link for more information on Depression : Symptoms and Solutions

Advise:  Do not ignore your score. Take action today. 

4. Is chocolate healthy?

Yes, some chocolate can be healthy and no some chocolate is definitely not healthy. Click this link to ready more about healthy chocolate.  

5.  What can I take to alleviate Shingles?

Sit in the stillness observing nature
Sit in the stillness observing nature

The best solution I know is Swedish Bitters. Click this link for detailed information on application for Shingles Relief.

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