Margie Hare

As a highly skilled aromatherapist,  specialist Manual Lymphatic Drainage and remedial massage therapist, author, award-winning herb expert and Qigong teacher, I want to share with you the many secrets of natural health and healing that I have learned.

Margie Hare
Margie Hare doing what she loves, cooking with organic produce

Falling into natural healing

When I was a seven-year-old tomboy, chasing squirrels in our garden in my former home city Cape Town,  I fell out of the huge plane tree and broke my collar bone.

At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my hip, which had been dislocated from my fall all those years ago. Nobody knew!

This started my journey of self-healing. Instead of using surgery or drugs for pain, I opted to visit an acupuncturist, naturopaths, iridologists, osteopaths and energy healers. I immersed myself in alternative healing methods.

Winning Herb Woman of the Year

Along the way I developed a deep love for herbs and aromatherapy. I revelled in this world and in 1994 won the prestigious Herb Woman of the Year award in South Africa for education in herbs. As a result I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the International Aromatherapy conference in Melbourne, four years later.

My book and DVD, Aromatherapy Massage, sold more than 600,000 copies in five countries.

After immigrating to Australia in 1996 I expanded my therapeutic methods from remedial massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and reiki to include the post-graduate specialist study of lymphoedema management through the Dr Vodder School of Austria.

Discovering Qigong as a  cornerstone to health

Around this time I became fascinated by Qigong, the ancient form of Chinese healing, which was little known in Australia. For me, it has completed a lifelong search for a way of life that combines healing and principles for living.

In 2013, I graduated as a certified Qigong teacher in the Tiandi QiGigong school and had the honour of touring with Master Zhao, attending master classes in China. I have travelled to China every year since for further training.

It has taken me decades to realise that Qigong is the cornerstone of health, well being and anti-ageing along with consuming organic food where ever possible. Organic gardening is my passion. No matter where in the world I am, I have the tools to fulfil my life’s mission. I am here to encourage and share with as many people as possible the many different ways to take charge of their health naturally.