Shibashi : 11. Scooping the Sea and viewing the Sky

This great exercise induces your tense, tight muscles to relax.


Repeat this exercise four – six times each way

Health benefits:

Scooping the sea and looking at the sea
Scooping the sea and looking at the sky


  1. releases tight muscles
  2. improves blood circulation
  3. strengthening the heart with joy and excitement
  4. expands the lungs to release grief and depression
  5. balances blood pressure



  • As you lean forward your back leg straightens and front leg bends
  • Lean forward as much as you comfortably can
  • When you look at the sky, extend your arms outward with slow natural breathing

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“Once the movement has commenced,

The whole body must be light and sensitive.

Above all it must be coordinated.

Let the breath be expanded freely,

The spirit inwardly absorbed

Don’t let there be deficient places,

Don’t let there be protruding or caved- in places,

Don’t let there be disconnected places.”

Wu Yuxiang  (1812 80)