Shibashi 2 – Opening the chest and heart


Repeat the following exercise six times.

  1. Stand naturally.
  2. Raise your arms straight up in front of you to chest height as you breathe in.

    Step 1: raise the arms on the in breath.
    Step 1: raise the arms on the in breath.
  3. Without pausing turn your palms to face each other.
  4. Continue  breathing in as you  open your arms to either side.
  5. Breathe out in one continuous breath, gathering the energy as you bring your hands back in front of you (shoulder-width apart).
  6. Then continue to lower your hands, with fingers facing the earth and palms facing behind you.


  • Don’t open your arms so wide that your neck and upper back tighten.
  • Keep elbows slightly bent throughout.

Mind Intention

As you raise your arms to chest height, be open to the feeling of the blue sky travelling from Dantian up the middle of your body to your heart. As you open your arms, feel this radiant blue sky filling your lungs. On the out breath, allow the blue sky to wash over your health and lungs, flushing away and releasing any negative emotions.

Health benefits

  •  Beneficial for those suffering depression, insomnia and hypertension
  • Strengthens the heart and lungs

” Its root is in the feet,

It is shot forth in the legs

Governed in  the waist,

Formed in the hands.

From feet and legs and waist

It should always be entirely one breath.”

Wu Yuxiang (1812 – 80)

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