Absorbing Qi from the Sun

By doing this easy Qigong breathing exercise you can bring in the warm healing energy from the sun. You can visualize this warm healing energy vaporizing pain and inflammation.

Easy steps:

  • breathe in using your mouth
  • allow this ‘pearl’ of warm energy drop own your throat, past your thyroid, digestive tract, heart and lungs, upper belly into the lower belly and to settle in Dan Tien
  • Do this nine times
  • then place right hand on the Dan Tien and left hand covering for ladies. Men left hand on the belly and right hand covering.
  • Dot three deep abdominal breaths


You can try this same exercise using all three luminaries:

beautiful tranquil sea
beautiful tranquil sea
  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Stars

You can also do it on a mountain top, alongside a beautiful lake, at the sea, under the light of full moon or  drawing in the energy for lightening during a storm. This is using the wonderful God given universal energy . It is available to everyone who dares to tap into it. Its yours for the taking.

Try it


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