How to Activate your Lung Meridian

Your lungs are an important reservoir for your Qi.

Your lungs can better maintain their charge when they are healthy and strong. According to Daoist texts to create the gold of health and enlightenment, this is  produced internally from the combined energies of kidneys and the lungs.

How activating your lung meridian benefits you :

  • increases vitality by lowering metabolic rate
  • the body relaxes and the heart beats more slowly and regularly
  • the mind becomes quiet as you focus on clearing the lungs

Healing the lungs:

  1. Using abdominal breathing( drop the diaphragm on inhalation, pushing the abdomen out, as the lungs expand completely and fill with air)  is a more efficient way of breathing. This form of breathing is em-phased in Qigong practice. This creates the most favourable conditions for you to absorb more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide.
  2. As you breath out through the mouth gently chant See -ahh
  3. Repeat three times
  • Peak period of Visceral lung Qi:  3am – 5am
    If you wake at this time and are restless or you are experiencing low vitality you might be suffering deficient or weak lung Qi. Its time to activate your lungs.


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