Qigong Warm Up

Qigong is working with life energy – Qi – and learning how to control its flow and distribution to bring balance and harmony to mind, body and soul.

It is a comprehensive system that combines breathing, movement and mind intention with meditation to improve health, longevity, and wellbeing. It is the Chinese secret to better health!

Qigong can:

  • clear energy blockages
  • relieve stress
  • improve fitness
  • increase immunity
  • strengthen tendons and ligaments
  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve asthma
  • improve gastric disorders and IBS
  • heal many aches, pains and injuries.

Qigong warm up

Before we begin Qigong exercises, it is important to warm the joints and muscles.


  1. Begin the warm up by circling the ankles, then the knees and then move those hips. Watch the warm up video so you get the moves right. Work nine circles in each set.
  2. Now the shoulders. Roll shoulders up and back eight times, and then up and forward eight times.
  3. Next the neck. Gently roll the neck once clockwise and once anti-clockwise. The clockwise rotation starts when you drop your head forward, then roll to the left, roll back, roll to the right and end up with the head in the forward position. Repeat anti-clockwise.
  4. Then the arms. Place right hand on right shoulder breathe in. Keeping the position, place left hand on right elbow and on the out breath gently push the right hand slightly down your back . Repeat three times Do the opposite movement on the other side.

Now you are ready to begin the exercises.

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