Shibashi : 14. Charging Fists With Outstretched Arms

Bowel Health can be improved with daily Qigong practice

Posture and movements:

  1. Adapt universal posture(horse stance)
  2. Hold both fists under the armpit
  3. Breathe in and your push left fist out (option you can drop right hand to the side) keep  muscles tensioned
  4. Breathe out and your return to starting posture totally relaxing the muscles.
  5. Keep eyes focused forward
  6. Use natural breathing

TIP: Try not to let the elbow bow out to the side when punching forward or retracting the fist.

Charge your fists and improve your digestion
Charge your fists and improve your digestion


  • aids digestion
  • regulates bowel movements
  • supports you to keep colds and flu away

Mental focus:

Focus full attention on Laogong

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