Stroke Prevention Routine

This simple Qigong routine may help prevent a loved one having a stroke.

Benefits of practising Qigong regularly  for a healthy heart and  blood pressure:

  • strengthens the heart muscle
  • increases stroke volume(amount of blood pumped per minute)
  • more oxygen can be delivered to the tissues
  • more waste products are carried away
  • resting heart rate drops
  • lowers blood pressure

In a published report “Effects of Qigong on Preventing Stroke and Alleviating the Multiple Cerebro- Cardiovascular Risk Factors”, the researchers concluded:

” According to both our past and present investigation , we believe that Qigong plays a major role in improving the self regulation and alleviating of multiple cerebro-cardiovascular risk factors”.  The data is impressive due to the large number of participants and the the length of the study.

Practising Qigong daily can impact your health positively.

The following pages are forms that can be adopted :

Basic Qigong


Qigong for health

“Qigong increases the volume of blood flowing to the brain, hands and feet and in the small capillaries throughout the body. The deep relaxation one achieves during Qigong practice causes the blood vessels to gently dilate, enabling them to carry more blood”

The Way of Qigong by Kenneth Cohen

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