Fisherman finds a pearl

When we still the mind and focus on gratitude, the law of attraction is at work. The more we are grateful for, the more wonderful things happen and turn up in our lives that we can be even more grateful for.

Three easy steps to health, wellness and longevity:

  1. Do this fun easy Qigong practice for 21 days and feel the difference.
  2. Go ‘fishing’ for 100 days and notice the changes happening in your life.
  3. After three years of regular fishing, be aware of how different you feel, the positive and permanent changes in your life and how great your look.

Ideas for gratitude creation:

Gratitude for all our loving pets
Gratitude for all our loving pets
  •  Start a gratitude journal today.
  • Last thing at night as you close your eyes, see how many things you can think of and name that happened in your day that you were grateful for.
  • Do the  above Qigong “gone fishing” exercise everyday for 21 consecutive days. 

Manifesting gratitude requires:

  • a thought that is  spoken and acted upon
  • true knowing
  • awareness that the result is already being produced
  • that your every thought, word and deed reflect your awareness
  • you to choose success and not want success
  • being thankful in advance
  • faith.

Results include:

The sky is the limit
The sky is the limit
  1. wonderful outcomes
  2. success
  3. key to creation
  4. the deed already being done.

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