Absorbing Qi from the Moon

This beautiful Qi cultivating practice draws cool, silver energy from the universe into your body to soothe, nourish and heal at all levels. Try it tonight.

Where to do this relaxing Qigong practice

  • In the park, the garden or at the beach. Stand where you can see the moon clearly.
  • In your lounge room when the weather is too cold. Open the curtains and allow the moon beams to fall in your path.
  • Sitting in a chair if you are unable to stand.

This is for everyone.

Once in a blue moon - once every 2.7 years
Once in a blue moon – every 2.7 year

When to do it

Nightly, especially on the waxing moon. It is compulsory at full moon, when lunar energy is at its strongest. At Blue moon, it is at its most intense.

Easy steps

Imagine you have a funnel on the crown of your head gathering the moon Qi. Imagine your body is an empty vessel

  1. Stand relaxed and gaze at the moon for a few minutes with your eyes open. Make a wish.
  2. Stand in universal posture for three breaths to cultivate energy.
  3. Rub hands together 36 times to activate energy in the palms of the hands.
  4. Close your eyes if and when you need to.
  5. Hold your hands up to the moon as if to receive or draw in the lunar energy. It is cool silver energy at normal times and warm, healing, transformational, blue energy on a  full or rare blue moon.
  6. Breath in through the nose visualising energy pouring in through the crown of your head and in through the palms of your hand. Repeat nine times. With each breath fill the vessel a little bit more.
  7. When you breathe out release and let go of negative energy and stagnant blockages.
  8. When the vessel overflows at the crown feel the Qi flowing all around you, as if in a  cocoon of lunar energy. Bask in the bliss moment.
  9. Enjoy the safety, healing and warmth of the blue/silver cocoon.

Feel each Chakra being fully cleansed and unblocked of stagnant and dirty Qi. These are at:

  1. crown
  2. third eye (upper Dantian)
  3. throat
  4. heart (middle Dantian)
  5. solar plexus
  6. lower Dantian
  7. base.

At blue moon you might feel:

  • intuition intensify
  • an urge to fulfil a dream
  • it’s time to follow your passion
  • you need to let relationships that are not serving you slip away
  • you need to change things.

What you might feel as a result of this regular practice:

  • light
  • confident in the future
  • refreshed and energized
  • cool / warm
  • cleansed and nourished
  • open
  • pain free
  • relaxed
  • loose
  • ready for change
  • a strong belief in yourself.

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“Moon energy energizes the body with yin Qi and is especially invigorating to the nervous system and the brain”

‘The way of Chi’, Kenneth S Cohen

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