Wu Chi Posture

This is our natural state of being

It only takes five minutes of daily practice to enjoy the rewards.

Easy steps :

  1. stand with your feet shoulder width apart – whole body relaxed
  2. arms relaxed by your side with space under your arms – sink the shoulder, drop the elbows
  3. fingers pointing to the ground, palms facing behind you
  4. slightly bend your knees
  5. joints relaxed and open
  6. release the muscles of the neck both outward toward the surface and down along the back –  think of the muscles gently lengthening and opening.
  7. soles of the feet connected to the earth / head connected to the heavens – imaging the head is suspended with a string attached to the crown 
  8. back and chest – central and erect –  the spine is the  highway for electrical messages to the brain. Think of the spine as a flexible rope.
  9. relax the hips, tuck your pelvis in – improves sexual performance, responsiveness and strengthens reproductive system
  10. tongue resting on the roof of your mouth – generates saliva – allows qi to circulate with a stronger current
  11. breath naturally – slow, soft, gentle and deep(in through the nose out through the nose )
  12. be the observer of your breathe – watch for the bliss moment at the top and bottom of your breath(no breath  in and no breath out )
  13. feel the air entering your nose

Health benefits:

  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • increases creativity
  •  helps lift depression clams the mind
  • brings you to stillness within


“Return to Wu Chi and

Embrace your spirit

Open and close as you turn

And the bones will grow firm

The energy will move like clouds and rain, limitless”


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